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International workshop "The Art of Restoration"

International workshop "The Art of Restoration"

On June 1, 2017, the specialists of Scientific Instruments JSC together with scientists from St. Petersburg State University made a report at the international workshop "The Art of Restoration" held at the State Hermitage Museum from May 30 to June 2.

The topic of the report was "Study of inlay hidden under corrosion layer on the pommels of Scandinavian swords".

The report tells about the study of recent archaeological finds using the X-ray microprobe microscope RАМ-30μ, which made it possible to reveal the inlay of silver and gold under a layer of rust.

View of the Viking Age sword pommel found near the southern shore of Lake Ladoga Pommel view with three investigated zones. Additionally, elemental mapping was carried out. The complexity of this study is in the shape of the object whose surface is not flat

The report was met with great interest. The study demonstrated the possibility of applying micro-XRF methods in archaeology and restoration work.

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