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Environmental monitoring

Express analysis of the composition of gas and liquid mixtures is an important task in ecology and in technological processes at industrial enterprises.

Application of mass spectrometers in medicine

For medical applications, the Scientific Instruments JSC company has developed portable mass spectrometers "Micropor" and "Micropor-M" with membrane sample introduction.

Exploration of water areas

For in situ monitoring of oil spills, the Scientific Instruments JSC company has developed a submersible analytical module based on a mass spectrometer with a membrane separator interface.

Personalization of ID documents and plastic cards

The Scientific Instruments JSC company has its own certified personalization center and carries out a full cycle of personalization operations for multipurpose electronic cards.

Automated verification of authenticity of documents

Express control of the authenticity of identity documents, as well as registration and archiving of verified documents.

Protective marking

Highly secure product marking with micro markers. Possibility of putting microtext onto a micro marker, which may contain any necessary information about the manufacturer, batch number and production date.