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Our instruments are used by the leading Russian universities for education and scientific research. Tutorials have been published.


Academic, industry-specific and university science uses the instruments and methodologies developed by our company. Our equipment is used when carrying out joint scientific research work.


Forensic services of various ministries and departments use our X-ray and optical instruments. Among the latter, there are specialized instruments for examining paper documents.

ID documents

The Scientific Instruments JSC company manufactures high-tech equipment for graphic and electronic personalization of plastic identification documents. The company has a certified personalization center where the equipment of its own production is installed.


Industrial product marking is a procedure of putting the production date, shelf life, product names, other text data, logos, 2D barcodes on products and packaging during the production process. Our high-tech laser systems can solve any tasks related to marking of products and are often used on a conveyor in the 24/7 mode.


Russian and foreign metal manufacturers use our instruments and methodologies, and often do it in the 24/7 mode.

Material engineering

Modern materials engineering can hardly be imagined without X-ray diffractometers, X-ray spectrometers and microscopes.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a technology for creating high-quality images that are resistant to physical and chemical influences. The images are created by means of the evaporative action of powerful focused laser radiation on the upper layers of opaque materials.

Geology and Mining

Geologists are interested in all X-ray instruments. Desktop and portable instruments manufactured by our company provide elemental, X-ray phase and structural analysis, as well as elemental micromapping both in laboratory and in the field.

Construction materials production

Our analytical instruments are used to control the phase and elemental composition of mineral and construction raw materials, and to monitor the production process of cement, paints, ceramics, glass and other products.


Our instruments are used to control substances, manufacturing processes and products. Our company has developed methodologies for quality control of medicines in the pharmaceutical market.

Fire investigation

Our company has implemented various fire investigation methodologies. The well-known methodology developed by Professor Cheshko is among them.


Our X-ray instruments are used to monitor production processes and to control the quality of products in the microelectronic industry.

Ecology, soil, agricultural chemistry

Modern environmental and agrochemical investigations can hardly be imagined without X-ray spectrometers and diffractometers.

Expert  evaluation  of  art  objects  and  relics

Our instruments are successfully operated in the State Hermitage Museum. Our experts have participated in conferences on examination of art objects.