• We have been working since 1991
  • More than 700 satisfied customers
  • Warranty for all equipment up to 3 years



Our instruments are used by the leading Russian universities for education and scientific research. They have education guides issued.


Academic, industry-specific and university sciences use instruments and guides of the company. Joint scientific research works are performed with our equipment.


Forensic services of various ministries and departments make use of our X-ray and optical instruments. In particular, the latter include special instruments for investigation of paper documents.

ID documents

"Scientific Instruments" SC has a certified “Personalization center” and its own-produced equipment for making ID documents. Systems of laser and electronic personalization for high security plastic documents are intended to add identification data of their owners by means of laser engraving and encoding of the electronic chip or the magnetic stripe.


Hi-tech laser systems for precision processing allow solving any tasks related to marking of products and engraving of units made of metals, rubber, plastics and ceramics both in the industry sector and the advertising and souvenir business.


Russian and foreign metal manufacturers use our instruments and methods, and often do it 24/7.

Material engineering

Modern material engineering can hardly be imagined without X-ray diffractometers, let alone X-ray spectrometers, microscopes etc.

Laser engraving

This technology allows to make images on different materials, with high quality and high resolution, resistant to chemical and physical impact.

Geology and Mining

Geologists are interested in all X-ray instruments. X-Spec – a portable X-ray fluorescent analyzer – is a modern low-maintenance instrument; table instruments ensure elemental and X-ray structural analysis, as well as micromapping under laboratory conditions.

Construction materials production

Our analytical instruments are used to control production and procession of mineral and construction raw materials, as well as to monitor production processes for cement, paints, ceramics, glass, etc.


Our instruments are used to control substations, production processes and the goods produced. Our company has developed quality control procedures for pharmaceutical products. Our instruments are used to monitor production processes and to control the goods produced.

Fire investigation

Our company has implemented fire investigation methods, in particular, the well-known method of Professor Cheshko.


Monitoring of production processes, control of the goods produced.

Ecology, soil, agricultural chemistry

Modern ecological investigations are hard to imagine without X-ray spectrometers and diffractometers, and soil science can barely do without particle size analyzers.

Expert  evaluation  of  art  objects  and  relics

Our devices are operated in the State Hermitage. Our experts participated in conferences for expert evaluation of art objects.