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Laser and optical equipment


Products of the Scientific Instruments JSC company are regularly presented at international and regional specialized exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars for users.


The work on creation of laser equipment that started at Special Design Bureau for Analytical Instruments Engineering (the company predecessor) continued at the Scientific Instrument JSC company. The first commercial instruments manufactured by the company were laser particle size analyzers. The analyzers of the "Microsizer" series, that were produced for almost 20 years, made it possible to carry out fast and accurate particle size analysis in the range of particle sizes from 0.2 to 600 microns. That is why these analyzers are widely used to control technological processes and product quality in the aluminum and food industries, in powder metallurgy, in the production of ceramics, abrasive materials and cements, as well as for research in biology, medicine, ecology and other fields.

From 1999 to 2004, in collaboration with specialists from the Institute of Laser Physics, the company developed high-frequency pumped CO2 slit lasers of the "Olympus" series with the output power of 100, 200 and 1500 W.

An important place in the range of the company's products is occupied by laser equipment for engraving and marking. The development of this equipment has been carried out by specialists of the Scientific Instruments JSC company since 2002. Many users were able to appreciate the capabilities of laser engraving systems "Shtrikh 010µ", "Shtrikh 012" and "Shtrikh 013", which provide high-quality engraving of various materials with a resolution of 2000–3000 dpi and higher. The engraving systems use a special series of fiber lasers developed by the Russian company NTO "IRE-Polyus". In these lasers, the generation of an arbitrary time sequence of pulses is provided.

For marking products on a conveyor, the laser marking systems "Fast Line" and "Fast Line Plus" were developed in 2010. These systems use laser diodes with fiber output and fiber lasers manufactured by NTO "IRE-Polyus" as radiation sources. The "Fast Line" and "Fast Line Plus" systems have a significantly longer service life than CO2 laser markers traditionally used for conveyor marking.

The undoubted achievement of the Scientific Instruments JSC company is the creation of a set of equipment for the issuance of identification documents of a new generation. The developed equipment implements a full set of technologies used in world practice in the production of modern highly secure ID documents: laser personalization of the document, recording of biometric information about the owner into a specialized chip integrated into the document, as well as cryptographic protection of personal information.

The laser personalization, which includes laser engraving of photographs and personal data on plastic and laser perforation of images, provides a high level of protection against forgery. The company’s personalization equipment meets international quality standards and is currently used to personalize Russian biometric passports, universal electronic cards, social cards and other documents. In 2015, 72 facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were equipped with laser personalizers "Shtrikh 2012 AM", which are successfully used for the decentralized issuance of personal electronic cards of Russian military personnel.

In addition to the above-mentioned developments focused on mass production, the company also develops technological laser equipment according to the technical requirements of individual customers. In this way, for example, the equipment for precise laser demetallization of holograms, the equipment for the production of micro-markers and other special-purpose systems were developed.

In order to promote the company’s laser equipment to the Chinese market, a joint venture "Industrial Company for Laser Technologies Hua Chang (Beijing)" was established in 2015. The joint venture will manufacture the laser equipment developed by the Scientific Instruments JSC company and supply it to the Chinese market. 

The laser and optical directions at the company continue to develop. The company has everything that is necessary to carry out research and development projects of high complexity level, as well as high-tech production facilities that ensure the possibility of mass production of competitive products. The quality management system of the company complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001-2011 standard.