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X-ray analytical instruments

Instruments for elemental and X-ray phase analysis of macro- and micro-objects, X-ray fluorescence microscopy, determination of the composition and thickness of films and nanocoatings, control of crystallographic parameters of plates and single crystals. Distinguished by simplicity of operation, short analysis time, minimal sample preparation, and reliability.

Laser material processing systems

Systems for printing high-quality images on flat pieces made of various materials: rubber, plastic sheets, metals, coated metals, paper, cardboard, ceramics, stone, foil, leather, and other. The systems can also be used to cut and perforate thin sheet materials.

Laser and electronic personalization

Equipment for graphical and electronic personalization of various next-generation plastic card-based identification documents, and for coding contact and contactless cards.

Industrial marking and engraving

Marking and engraving systems for high-precision production line marking of a wide range of materials in industrial production. The systems can be used statically or dynamically.

Forensic instruments

Instruments for detection, visualization, and registration of both indented and partially missing images during forensic analysis of various paper based documents. Forensic analysis of magnetic recording media in compact cassettes and microcassettes in order to establish authenticity of recordings or to detect traces of editing.

Luminescent marking verification devices

Mobile and stationary readers of luminescent marking of products and documents, as well as the readers for use in continuous mode on a conveyor. New generation ID-document readers with luminescent marking verification function.