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ID documents

ID documents

"Scientific Instruments" SC has a certified “Personalization center” and its own-produced equipment for making ID documents. Systems of laser and electronic personalization for high security plastic documents are intended to add identification data of their owners by means of laser engraving and encoding of the electronic chip or the magnetic stripe.

Personalization of a modern ID document is normally a procedure of adding personal data of the future document owner to a blank card, such as a picture, a signature, a date of birth and a date of issue, as well as biometrics, like a scanned fingerprint and so on.

Modern ID documents use graphic and electronic personalization. Electronic personalization is possible if the blank card contains a contact or a contactless chip, which has enough capacity to record the required data. Graphic personalization can be implemented by traditional image printing methods like graphic arts or thermal transfer printing, but the method of laser personalization ensures better counterfeit protection.

Since 2005 "Scientific Instruments" SC has been continuously developing equipment to personalize next-generation ID documents.

The company has designed an equipment range for personalization of next-generation ID documents, including the software/hardware complex Shtrikh-K that ensures execution of the entire personalization cycle for Next Generation Passport and Visa Documents. The complex includes a laser personalization unit that uses a digital personalization method, and a laser perforator. Both devices are based on fiber lasers.

Today we have organized serial production of compact laser personalization units that have functions for graphic and electronic personalization of identification cards, Shtrikh-2012 and Shtrikh-2012 AM.