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Personalization of ID documents and plastic cards

The Scientific Instruments JSC company has its own certified personalization center and carries out a full cycle of personalization operations for multipurpose electronic cards. The personalization center offers:

  • Laser graphic personalization

  • Laser demetallization

  • Chip and magnetic stripe encoding

  • Product quality control

  • Receipt of requests and personal information via secured communication channels

Types of cards

  • Bank and payment cards, including ones of the EMV standard

  • SIM cards

  • Social cards

  • Loyalty cards

  • Transport cards

  • ID cards and access control cards


  • Receipt and transmission of data over a secure channel

  • Receipt of a package of tasks for personalization of the cards

  • Key information management

  • Graphical personalization of the front and back of the card

  • Electronic personalization of the microchip and the magnetic stripe on the basis of personalization data

  • Checking the correctness and quality of card personalization

  • Generation of a package of reports on card personalization

  • PIN envelope printing

Personalization process

Laser and graphic personalization

  • Individual number of the multipurpose electronic card

  • Logo of the bank chosen by the citizen for providing services within the banking application

  • Three-digit card authenticity checking code

  • Photo

  • Surname, name, patronymic and gender

  • Date of birth

  • Card expiry date

  • Signature

  • Bank card account number

  • Insurance number of an individual personal account

  • Compulsory health insurance policy number

  • Card issuer


Chip encoding

Personalization of electronic applications

Magnetic stripe encoding

Personalization of the banking application

Hardware and software system for photography

The fully automated photography process corresponds to the requirements of GOST R ISO.

Equipment for personalization centers


System for laser and electronic
personalization CARD LINE 01


System for electronic
personalization CARD LINE 02


Desktop laser personalizer
Shtrikh 2012AM

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