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Exploration of water areas

For in situ monitoring of oil spills in the area of oil-loading terminals, the Scientific Instruments JSC company has developed a submersible analytical module based on a mass spectrometer with a membrane separator interface.

The analytical module is designed to work at depths of up to 100 m.

Operation principle

The submersible analytical module is based on a quadrupole mass analyzer with the length of rods of 100 mm. The quadrupole mass analyzer is the most common and well-established type of analyzer. This type of analyzer is often used for the analysis of residual gases in various technical and vacuum system.

The mass analyzer with an ion source and a secondary electron multiplier is installed in a vacuum chamber. The working pressure in the vacuum chamber during the analysis is about 10-5 mm Hg.

The sample introduction method is pervaporation of substances dissolved in water through a hydrophobic membrane. The ionization method is electron impact.

The case of the instrument accommodates the mass spectrometer, the vacuum pumping system, and also the power supply and electronic support systems.

The sample introduction system is installed on the outside of the analytical unit case.

The software of the instrument makes it possible to monitor and control the mass spectrometric module’s operation, and also to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis.

To supply the power to the instrument, a built-in LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 20 A⋅h is used. The battery is charged during the time intervals between switching on the instrument.

Data exchange is carried out via the Ethernet 10/100 Base - TX data channel. The mass spectrometer automation level ensures its operation and maintenance by operators with special training.

Spectrum example

Mass spectrum of a water sample from the water area of the Gulf of Finland

Technical characteristics

‎  Range of measured mass numbers  ‎ 0 - 300 amu
 ‎ Resolution at 10% of peak height  ‎ 0.5 - 2.5 amu
 ‎ Maximum submersion depth  ‎ 100 m
 ‎ Supply voltage  ‎ 48 V
 ‎ Continuous working time  ‎ 10 hours
 ‎ Battery capacity  ‎ 20 A•h
 ‎ Weight  ‎ 76 kg
 ‎ Dimensions (height / diameter)  ‎ 1300 / 460 mm

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