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Exhibitions and conferences


New developments of Scientific Instruments JSC at the Analytica Expo 2018 exhibition

From April 24 to 26, 2018, at the stand of Scientific Instruments JSC, materials about the company's new developments were presented. During the year that passed since the previous exhibition, our company developed:

  • An improved model of the X-ray diffractometer Difray-401M

  • An upgraded version of the X-ray diffractometer Difray-402M

  • A desktop mass spectrometer Micropor-M

  • A hardware and software diagnostic system for sepsis diagnostics

  • New software features for the X-ray fluorescence analyzer REAN-M

Academician Yu. A. Zolotov visited the stand of our company. Yuri Alexandrovich is a classic of chemical science, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences since 1987. We are grateful to the outstanding scientist for his interest in the company's developments and look forward to future cooperation.

The following instruments were presented at the stand of our company:

  • X-ray diffractometer Difrey-401

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer REAN

  • Portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers PANDA and X-SPEC

  • Desktop mass spectrometer Micropor-M

  • X-ray microprobe microscope RАМ-30μ

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