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Exhibitions and conferences

International exhibition Analytica Expo 2017

International exhibition Analytica Expo 2017

From April 11 to 13, 2017, the Scientific Instruments JSC company presented its instruments and equipment at the 15th international exhibition Analytica Expo 2017.

At this exhibition, our company presented: a multipurpose X-ray fluorescence spectrometer REAN, a portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer X-SPEC, a compact X-ray fluorescence spectrometer PANDA, an X-ray analytical microprobe microscope RАМ-30μ and a desktop X-ray diffractometer Difray-401.

Our company specialist Alexey Bakhvalov took part in a workshop "Analytical methods in pharmaceutics". He made a report "X-ray spectral analysis for the identification of drugs and the determination of their counterfeits."

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