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A new algorithm for semi-quantitative analysis has been implemented in X-ray fluorescent instruments manufactured by Scientific Instruments JSC

A unique algorithm for calculating the concentrations of elements has been implemented in the new software for the REAN-M X-ray fluorescence energy-dispersive analyzer produced by Scientific Instruments JSC. The algorithm is based on the use of correlation analysis.

When measuring an unknown sample, the sample type is determined using the principal components method. Further, according to the previously created database of standard samples, calibration graphs are created and concentrations of elements are calculated.

The database of samples is extensible. At the same time, the user does not need to specify the sample type and/or grade: the program automatically breaks the samples into clusters and builds calibrations.

The program provides the ability to synchronize the databases of standard samples measured on different instruments. This allows the user to use and replenish the database even without having the standard samples available.

The new user interface of the measurement module greatly simplifies the operator's work with the instrument and makes it possible to carry out measurements practically in one click.

The described software improvement can be used on all the instruments manufactured by Scientific Instruments JSC that have the method of semi-quantitative analysis of samples implemented.

For our users, the software upgrade is free of charge.

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