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New software features for X-ray diffractometer Difray-401M

In 2018, our company continued to modernize commercially available instruments. The analytical capabilities of the X-ray diffractometer Difray-401M with a texture unit (spectrum scanning by the θ, ϕ and χ angles) have been expanded due to software improvements.

With the Texture software package, it is now possible to analyze the sharpness of the texture and also to obtain pole figures in real time.

The use of a curved position-sensitive detector with a simultaneous measurement angle range of 43° makes it possible to analyze several diffraction reflexes simultaneously.

The software package has been expanded by constructing three-dimensional pole figures in five planes (provided that all the planes are simultaneously visible on the diffraction spectrum). The ability to visualize a stereographic projection in parallel with sample measurement is also provided. The data can be saved in *.dat format.

The following screenshots illustrate the new software features of the instrument.

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Upgrade of the Texture software for our users is free of charge.

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