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Upgraded diffractometer for the aluminum industry

Upgraded diffractometer for the aluminum industry

In September 2018, an upgraded X-ray diffractometer Difray-402M was put into operation at Kandalaksha Aluminum Plant (Kandalaksha, Murmansk region).

The instrument has an X-ray fluorescence channel based on a proportional detector for determination of total calcium content in the electrolyte.

The operational capabilities of the diffractometer have undergone significant changes. The instrument is now equipped with an autosampler for 10 or 20 samples, and that has dramatically increased the instrument’s analysis efficiency. The instrument case has also been modified: the instrument is now equipped with a convenient display for monitoring the sample position during the measurement.

All the instrument components (the analytical unit, the cooling system, the computer and so on) can be installed in an instrument rack on wheels, so that the entire analytical set and peripheral devices can be moved around the room without disconnecting them from the mains and communication lines.

The instrument can carry out analysis of more than three hundred samples per working shift, and so can be used for effective monitoring of production processes.

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