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Hardware and software diagnostic system for sepsis diagnostics

Hardware and software diagnostic system for sepsis diagnostics

Within the framework of cooperation between the Research Institute of Influenza and Scientific Instruments JSC, a prototype of a fluorescent analyzer has been developed for detecting the results of hybridization on biological microchips. The analyzer uses a video camera with a highly sensitive high-resolution CMOS matrix sensor. To control the analyzer scanning and to process the hybridization results, special software has been developed.

The protein microchip functioning principle

The first capture antibodies are applied to the chemically modified surface of the slide by a printing robot (spotter) and are covalently bound. Next, the biochip is incubated with a sample from a patient to determine the level of the sought biomarkers (antigens) in the analyte.

The captured proteins are then detected with biotin-labeled second detection antibodies. At the end of the process, the bound second antibodies are detected by means of fluorophore-labeled streptavidin (Cy5 or Cy3) using a fluorescent reader. The fluorescence intensity from the analyte is compared with that from the standard, and so the concentration of biomarkers in the test sample is determined.

The first months of the instrument operation made it possible to conclude that the development was successful.

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